This is the second year in a row that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing Mount Alvernia. Paul used the school’s beautiful gardens as a backdrop when photographing the girls for their leadership photos. And then, he was invited through the school to capture images for their yearbook. The private girl’s school in Kedron offers so many opportunities for young women, and promotes the benefits of a wider curriculum in order for students to prepare themselves to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in the future. The school encourages participation in sports, societies, part-time work, entrepreneurial schemes and volunteering. I was particularly impressed with the school’s offering of sports and activities such as AFL, strength and conditioning, and triathlon training. None of these activities were offered at the private girl’s school I attended (many years ago – ahem), and yet I’ve found myself participating in all three of these activities in the last 5 years. To be fair I only “participated” as a spectator in AFL, and I still don’t quite have a grip on the rules. The inclusion of these types of sports in the curriculum is a step in the right direction for encouraging equal opportunity and participation in sports. Great work Mount Alvernia!

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