We headed out to Belle and Dan’s Pineapple farm at Wamuran for an engagement session. And it turned out to be one like no other! Gloomy skies threatened to put a halt to our photoshoot. However, we managed to get some amazing shots just in time.

First we took photos with pineapples. What an amazing property with views of the Glasshouse Mountains! We set Belle and Dan up so we could get shots of the mountains in the background.

Then we went four wheel driving down dirt tracks. What a ride that was. We had complete faith in Belle’s four wheel driving abilities, so we felt safe. Stopping occasionally along the way for a few photos, our mission was to make it to Mud Mile.

When we got there Belle and Dan immersed themselves in the muddy waters, jumping and splashing each other playfully. We tried our best to stay dry on the banks. However in order to get the best angles we ended up having to get a little dirty too. Treading carefully through the bushes, we just hoped there were no snakes!

As all the light disappeared into the night sky, we turned on the four wheel drive’s headlights to create some silhouettes. The steam rose of the couple’s bodies. This was a perfect portrayal of the session as things had really heated up! Take a look at their engagement session and see for yourself!

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