Why you need a Corporate Headshot…

Do you want to portray a really strong and professional image on your corporate profiles and company website? Then you’re going to need a corporate headshot.

With advancements in technology almost everyone has a camera at their fingertips. But can your smartphone really do your corporate headshot justice? And really, how good of a photographer is your parent/mate/significant other….

Perusing a few LinkedIn profiles, I can tell you right now… No, and they’re terrible. 


So for goodness sake go and get your headshot taken by a professional photography studio. Make free consultation appointment with Cordare Studio now to chat about what you want from your corporate headshot. Still not convinced? Then keep reading below for 4 reasons why you need a corporate headshot taken by a professional photography studio.


Here are 4 reasons why studio sessions are great for corporate headshots…


  1. You get complete control over the lighting

    With photography, it’s ALL about the lighting, darling. We can position the studio lights in a way to highlight your best features. This helps us create a much stronger corporate image.

  2. Studio sessions are completely private

    So you don’t have to have your photo taken in front of onlookers. Self-consciousness affects your posture. And so you won’t look as confident in your photo. By having a private session away from prying eyes you’ll have much more confidence.

  3. Nice, clean backgrounds

    Just take a photo of me standing here. This will do, right? Wrong! A messy or busy background can detract from the object of the photo. By having your corporate headshot taken in a professional studio we can use professional backdrops to make your photo look even better. Got light hair? We’ll use a dark background. Got dark hair? Then let’s use a white one. In betweeners? The choice is yours. Classic colours like black, white and grey look best for corporate headshots. It just keeps the image nice and clean and focuses all the attention on the subject… You!

  4. Professional Editing

    This bit is my favourite. I’m happy to pay good money to look flawless.

    Coz everyone knows I didn’t wake up like this.

    Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends. And my best friend is the skin smoothing and liquifier tools in Photoshop.


    Still don’t believe us? Well take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Now take a look at some headshots we did for Josh… That’s right #winning

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