One of the traditions of a Nepalese wedding is to have a henna party before the wedding. Similar to a hens party, Dilasha gathered with her aunts, sisters and family friends on the Thursday before her wedding. They invited henna artist Sharmeen Thomas from Khatoons Make-up and Henna to do their henna for them. I was amazed at how fast Sharmeen worked, and at the intricacy of her patterns. Considering that the paste stains the skin, there is little room for error  The paste is made from dried leaves, and is used to paint patterns on the hands (and sometimes also the feet) of the bridal party. Each design has a different meaning. Read about the different meanings here. While Sharmeen was doing each of the girl’s henna, one of Dilasha’s aunties hand made a grass necklace for Dilasha and Ben to wear during their ceremony. It was such a nice afternoon and the family had such a great time- there was even a kitchen dance party!

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